Nonni - Guitar / Vocals

Junior - Guitar / Vocals

Elli - Bass

Stjuni - Drums

Former Members:

Bootlegs is not trying to be an 80’s Thrash Metal band, they are an 80’s Thrash Metal band.


Bootlegs was one of the bigger names in Icelandic Metal history at the end of last century, between 1986- 1991, playing pure old-school unadulterated Thrash Metal and sometimes called Metallica of Iceland. During that time, they released 2 full length albums and had songs on couple of Compilation albums. The band was part of the Smekkleysa group, which included Sugarcubes and Ham. Bootlegs toured in Denmark 1991 with help from Roskilde-festival crew as the festival lineup for 1991 was already set, and Denmark has not yet recovered from that tour. At the end of 1991 the members of the band all went their separate ways and some continued on with other projects.


1998 saw a comeback with a big reunion concert where most of the members that had been with the band in the early days came together. This was recorded and in 2006 a CD with the recordings was made public. 2004 the band started again with new drummer and played a few concerts around the country in the next 2 years.


In 2010 original band members came together again and joined few big concert, including playing the inaugural Rokkjötnar in 2012/2015 and with Entombed 2012. In 2014 Minotauro Records Re-Released both albums, WC Monster and Bootlegs as Digi packs with bonus songs from the Live 2006 album.


End of 2014 the guys went into studio to record new material which was released in July 2015 on “Ekki fyrir viðkvæma”. Bootlegs is on final stages finishing up new material that will start see light of day soon.


The Old boys are back to show you how it was done back in the days.



Stjunior - Drums

Hannes - Guitar

Gunni - Guitar


1989 – WC Monster

1990 – Bootlegs

2006 – Live

2014 – WC Monster (Re-release)

2014 – Bootlegs (Re-release)

2015 – Ekki Fyrir Viðkvæma

1990 – World Domination or Death

1992 – Veggfóður

2002 – Alltaf sama svínið

Contact EMail: bootlegs.iceland (at)