Track List


1. Gervigleði Er Ógleði

2. Fullur á Facebook

3. KúkurPissOgÆl

4. Bootlegs Fyrir Börnin

5. Tribute To Thrash

6. Eitur Naðra

7. Gjallarhorn

8. Fórnarlamb Tískunnar

9. Kjörkassasvín

10. Poser

11. Haleluja


13. Ó Reykjavík





Junior - Guitar / Vocals

Nonni - Guitar / Vocals

Elli - Bass

Stjuni - Drums



Special Guests


Siggi Gisla - Guitar

Þráinn - Guitar

Garðar - Vocal

Jóhann - Vocal




After few comebacks the band was appearing at couple of gigs each year and then the creative spirit showed up and the guys put together few song.  Following was recording at their own studio and out came new album, full of new material.


Recording was done by Junior with technical assistance from Garðar and Ágúst.  Edoardo from EPN Studios in Italy did all the aftermath sound work.  Cover work was done by Óskar and or good buddy Frikki punk sat on chair for us as our cover model with his lovely dog on the back.


The album was release by the band but got distribution with ETG in Iceland and Minotauro did also distribute the album to its channels.


Few good friends from the music came along and lend their skills on the album.


Siggi did some shows with the band in 2014 when Nonni was away in Norway and he did solos in the songs Gervigleði Er Ógleði, Tribute To Thrash and Kjörkassasvín.


Þráinn, from the band Skálmöld did solos in the songs Fullur á Facebook and Haleluja


Garða or Gaddi from the band Sinmara added some growling vocals to Haleluja


Jóhann or Jói from the original band Vonbrigði join in for the cover track on the album Ó Reykjavik.


Contact EMail: bootlegs.iceland (at)