Track List


01. Forleikur

02. Óljóslega Stjórnlaus

03. Blá Saklaus

04. Augun

05. Vögguvísa

06. Eymd

07. Mesti & Besti

08. Tippikal

09. Við Dauðans Dyr

10. Gamli Nói

11. SOD 2

12. Sein

13. Gamli Nói (Live)

14. Street Lover (Live)

15. Augun (Live)

16. Óljóslega Stjórnlaus (Live)

17. Another Brick In The Wall (Live)





Junior - Vocals

Nonni - Guitar / Vocals

Hannes - Guitar

Elli - Bass

Stjuni - Drums


BOOTLEGS (2014 Re Release)


This is re-release of the 2nd album, Bootlegs, originally released in 1989, with bonus tracks taken from the 2006 Live album.


This was done my Italian company Minotauro Records that specialize in releasing old germs.  The company re-released both albums with the Live album split-ed up between the release, making up a nice package with some history added to the package.



Contact EMail: bootlegs.iceland (at)