LIVE (2006)


The band was put to rest back in 1991 but in 1998 the guys came back together to play one more time just for the heck of it and the concert was recorded on ADAT tapes that were stored in a drawer for long time, with purpose of releasing it one day.  2006 it was time to do it, and not wait any longer.  The band released a Live album on their own, including most of the song played that night, except some of the unreleased song.


Most of the guys that played with the band back in the days were on the stage, the band started the show as 3 piece band, Nonni, Elli and Stjuni, then Hannes joined the stage, and in the end Junior joined in as well.



Track List


1. Void

2. Wake up

3. Shall I Die

4. Wall

5. Þú

6. WC Monster

7. At the end...

8. Gamli Nói

9. Street lover

10. Augun

11. Fuck off

12. Óljóslega stjórnlaus

13. SOD

14. Trash Attack





Junior - Vocals

Nonni - Guitar / Vocals

Hannes - Guitar

Elli - Bass

Stjuni - Drums



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