Track List


01. Forleikur

02. Óljóslega Stjórnlaus

03. Blá Saklaus

04. Augun

05. Vögguvísa

06. Eymd

07. Mesti & Besti

08. Tippikal

09. Við Dauðans Dyr

10. Gamli Nói

11. SOD 2

12. Sein

13. Jólarokk (CD Bonus Track)

14. Fxxk Off (CD Bonus Track)





Junior - Vocals

Nonni - Guitar

Hannes - Guitar

Elli - Bass

Stjuni - Drums





2nd album released in 1990 by Steinar Records


Junior had just joined the band, a young boy that was kidnapped after the the band members saw him perform with a band that won the yearly music contest.  Nick, a big name in the Icelandic scene at the time was put behind the buttons to record the band for 2nd time and this time it was big and long hours and everything done like the professionals do.  It can be heard how big the production is compare to the 1st album.


A old friends were given the mission to paint the art work and front cover was made by Baldur who made a big painting that was used as front cover and Lolla did the artwork on the back.  Lolla was also big part of TShirt production that followed the band back in the days.


Album was released on CD an LP and the LP got mislabeled center sticker and a pop band name Greifarnir was added to the sticker that was releasing album at same time with Steinar.  Later the sticker was fixed, and there is image of all 3 albums, the mislabled one, correct one and the pop album that came out same year.



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