First album released in 1989 by Smekkleysa Records.


Recorded in Studio Syrland over one weekend directly to a DAT Tape so what you hear is what you get, no editing or post work done.  Sound Engineering done by Sveinn Kjartansson with help from Einar Örn (Sugercubes) dressed in parachute suite.  Artwork was done by Ingi and Logo design by Jelica.


Released only on LP and is unavailable today but sometimes some albums show up on various websites like ebay for crazy price.  Few copies of the album were available in stores in Aarhus Denmark after the band played few shows in Denmark and also in the famous Shade Records in London.


The album has also been nominated for worst cover work ever in Iceland.. top that guys  hehe.




Track List


01. ...At The End

02. Void

03. 1 Out Of 3

04. Stairway To Hell

05. Shall I Die

06. Þú

07. WC Monster

08. Wake Up

09. What Ever You Like

10. SOD

11. Trash Attack





Nonni - Guitar / Vocals

Hannes - Guitar

Elli - Bass

Stjuni - Drums


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